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A Visiting Yachtsman is any individual whose residence, business, or yacht club address lies outside a twenty (20) mile radius of Club facilities, does not own or charter a yacht moored within the St. Joseph/Benton Harbor marinas, and is a verified member of a yacht club that enjoys reciprocity with the Club.

Upon verification that an individual is a Visiting Yachtsman, such individual shall be granted a Visiting Yachtsman membership by the Club Manager. A Visiting Yachtsman must provide a credit card guaranteeing payment of any charges incurred or pay for the charges at the time the charges are incurred.

A Visiting Yachtsman Membership allows the Visiting Member all of the privileges and use of Club facilities except the right to vote, but such privileges and use are limited to the Visiting Yachtsman and immediate family, unless other arrangements are made with the Club Manager.

The Visiting Yachtsman may use the Visiting Yachtsman Membership not more than once in the same calendar month. The Visiting Yachtsman’s visit shall not exceed one (1) week, or a maximum of nine (9) days if the visit starts on a weekend and extends to the following weekend.

A Visiting Yachtsman and/or his/her guests shall be responsible for the observance of all federal, state and local laws and rules and Club rules and regulations. 

Failure to observe such laws, rules, and regulations may result in loss of Club privileges which shall be in the sole discretion of the Club Manager. This membership shall be administered by the Club Manager. 

SJRYC Operations Manual Rules Revised 4-2016

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