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1. The Club Dock is defined as the dock area between the water’s edge and up to the roped off area of the Rhumbline Bar.

2. The Club Dock is in the charge of the Club Manager or the Manager’s delegate.

3. Members are entitled to complimentary usage of the Club Dock in accordance with these rules on a first come, first serve basis.

4. There shall be no overnight use of the dock except in the case of an emergency. Emergencies shall be determined at the discretion of the Club Manager.

5. To allow optimums of the dock, no boat shall stay at the Club Dock for longer than three (3) consecutive hours.

6. All boats must receive permission to tie up at the Club Dock and sign the Ship’s Log.

7. Permission to use the Club Dock may be prohibited by the Club Manager when use of the Club Dock may interfere with other Club activities such as the Rhumbline and Tri-State Regatta parties or Fourth of July fireworks observation.

8. Non-members may not use the Club Dock except as a guest of a member who is present on the boat to be docked. Members of a yacht club that has reciprocity with the St. Joseph River Yacht Club may dock for a period not to exceed two (2) hours.

9. No major repairs or maintenance on boats is permitted at the Club Dock. Vessels in distress taking refuge should coordinate their needs with the Club Manager as soon as possible.

10. Any boats tied at the Club Dock are subject to relocation and shall be moved at the discretion of the Club Manager.

11. Open fires, including barbecues, are not permitted at the Club Dock.

12. Dogs must be leashed at all times and are allowed on the dock only. They may not use the grassy area by the clubhouse, Keeper’s House or Rhumbline Bar.

13. No skateboards or roller skates (blades) are permitted on the Club premises.

14. Children under the age of ten (10) must wear U.S.C.G. approved flotation devices when on the Club dock.

15. Alcoholic beverages not purchased at the Club are not permitted on the Club property.

16. At least one person from each docked boat shall remain on the Club premises at all times.

17. No docking is permitted when the Club is closed.

18. Sirens and horns shall not be used at the Club Dock except in emergencies.

19. Entertaining on boats shall be conducted in an orderly manner, causing no disturbances to fellow Members. Amplified music is prohibited.

20. Overboard discharge of sanitary or holding tanks is prohibited.

21. Transporting or carrying fuel onto the docks is prohibited.

22. Members who use Club Docks use them at their own risk and therefore by exercising the privilege of docking at Club facilities, a member thereby releases and discharges the Club from any and all liability whatsoever for any loss or damage to the yacht and injury to the owner and the owner and the owners’ guests, visitors, and crew of the owner, that was not a result of any willful act by the Club or its agents.

23. No amplified music shall be played at the dock or at the Rhumbline Bar by Members or guests.

24. After two (2) violations of these rules, a member may be denied use of the Club Dock.

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